Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How is life with two?

I was asked on Sunday by my sister in law, "How is life with two kids?" My immediate reaction was typical of any new parent of two. I'm tired. I'm getting used to the differences of figuring out how best to shop with two, what order I should get them in and out of the car, how much longer it takes to get ready and so forth. Since then, I have been thinking about this question in any spare moment I have. Usually while laying in bed before closing my eyes after a long day. The more I think about it the more positive and beautiful my response becomes. Here is what I would say now if I were asked the same question again...

Wow! I love being a mom of two. It is the most amazing thing to see my four year old love someone else as much as she does. She is growing up just by having him around. She is learning that the world doesn't necessarily revolve around her. In that realization she is learning patience, understanding, empathy, joy, and love on a whole new level. I can't express in words how truly awesome it is to watch her interact with Joshua.
Joshua has taught me that it is possible to love two children at the same time. He made me realize that in loving him I am able to love my daughter not more or less, but definitely differently. He has brought the joy of little things back into the house and that is something that I had forgotten. His smiles consume me and I just can't squeeze him tight enough. He is allowing me to look into the future and see a brother who stands up for his sister and protects her with his everything, even though she is four years older than him. They are that close already and I know it will only grow. He has helped rekindle that spark between my husband and I that sometimes gets pushed to the background when you have kids running around. We just look at our children and remember what this is all about. Our love then grows stronger.
I can't go into every little detail that has occurred by growing our family from one to two, but I can tell you life is wonderful. Yes, there are times I am ready to fall apart. Yes, there are times I just need to close my eyes for a minute and replenish my energy. I wouldn't trade any thing in the world for my two amazing children. They are a precious gift from God and I am so ready to see what the future holds.

Thanks to Claudia for asking this question that allowed me to ponder this idea. I think we all should take time to think about it. I know I never had.
I love this picture so much! We NEVER get this good of a shot. Everyone actually smiling and not in pj's yet! Hooray!
Family picture taken on the day of Leah's baptism. Sr. Bernanrd Mary and Sr. Clare were actually able to make it too. Very good day!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 29, 2010

New pic of Mommy and Daddy

It seems like it's been forever since Dom and I have had to get all dressed up. I insisted we take advantage of it and get a picture of us before the moment past or I got spit up on or juice spilled on me! We were going to a fundraiser dinner for Mena's Polish Dance school.

Rolling Machine

Joshua is rolling front to back and back to front! He is "advanced" in my opinion. Just kidding! He turns four months old today. What a big boy. Here are a few recent pictures...he is so smiley.

Happy birthday to you Mena!

My little baby girl is a big four years old now! I can't believe it. She has grown so much this year. I am seeing more and more of her personality shine through. She loves to sing and dance, she makes up the best stories and says the most hillarious things! She is great. Here are a few pictures from her birthday which we celebrated as a family. She was insisting on a Dora cake for the past year. I think our little family will be eating it until her next birthday! Way too much for 3 people to eat!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

So sweet and innocent

DSC_8239 - Copy
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and another...

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3 Months old

DSC_8196 - Copy
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A friend of mine from Christ the King took pictures of the little ones while the older sibs were at Atrium this week. She needed models for her adorable hats she makes and we were more than happy to loan her our babies! Joshua was so smiley! I love this shot that she caught of him. I will post a few more too.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New found hobby...

I think I've found a brand new love! Don't get me wrong, I still love my hubby more than anything in the world!!! But, I gotta tell ya, COUPONING IS AWESOME!!! I have saved so much money on things that I normally buy anyway. Plus, I have gotten lots of things for free that I have been wanting to try. CVS has even payed me to leave their store with products! So awesome! This week alone, I got 3 Revlon lipsticks completely free and am hoping to go back and get 3 more!
Here is another deal I found...Spent 23.41 total for all of these things and got $20 in Extra Care Bucks back to use next time!

And another...
Two boxes of Pampers diapers from Rite Aid for $12!!!! That's six dollars each for jumbo packs of diapers...normally around $19 each!

Before and After

I think this is so cool! Joshua is making the same hand gesture out of the womb that he did in. Awesome! It is such a prolife proof! Love it!

The Little Guy!

Look how much I've grown! (These are from a few weeks ago)

Friday, August 6, 2010


Sorry I haven't posted to this blog in forever. We have been getting adjusted to beinga family of four. Little Joshua will be six weeks old on Tuesday. I can't believe how much we have done since his birth, including a week long trip to my home state of Iowa just a week after his birth. He is a super good baby. He sleeps really well and is a pretty good nurser. He loves being carried in my Sleepy Wrap. I am so happy that he likes it because it makes life a little easier for me. Philomena is, well, let's just say, still getting adjusted. Today I found her trying to climb in his bassinet with him. Ahhh! She loves him so much and it shows. She almost smooshes him daily! She is almost four years old and thinks she is his little mother. Any tips on how to deal with older siblings and a new baby, I would gladly take into consideration. Here are a few recent pictures...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jumpstart: Get Moving: Family Fitness (Review and Giveaway)

I was given the opportunity to review Jumpstart's newest game for the Wii, Get Moving: Family Fitness. We loved it! First of all, we had only played on a Wii once before so that was still a new experience for us. The game was very easy to navigate through and I think it is perfect for all ages of the family. I liked how each different sport used some different muscle in the body to work out, or at least a different movement was required. I actually felt sore after playing so you know that's a good sign!

My husband and daughter loved playing too. In this picture they are sitting down, but that definitely wasn't always the case. The game really does get you moving!

After each sport activity, the game gives you little tidbits about how to be and stay healthy. Perfect for kids who are playing along. My three year old liked the game but since she has never really played on a Wii system, found some of it a little difficult to understand. Still, I believe most children would do well with this game. As for you adults, my husband and I had a ball. You can play one or two player which can make for some friendly competition in the many skill challenges of the game. They also allow you to pick your skill level of easy, moderate, or hard. We started easy and found the challenges still engaging but not too hard.

Here are a few screenshots of the game...

I enjoyed playing a lot of the games but my favorite had to be football. I don't know if it's because of the fact that I LOVE football or if I just loved the workout of this game. What I can tell you is that it's really fun. I say get out and try it...Get moving!

A few details:
The game hit stores on June 15, 2010
It's being sold for $29.99
It's rated E for Everyone with Comic Mischief by the ESRB

Jumpstart is generously giving away one copy of Jumpstart Get Moving: Family Fitness for the Wii game system to one of my readers!
To enter simply reply in the comment section about who you would like to win this game for... yourself, your kids, friends, whoever! This will be the mandatory entry. You may then get an extra entry for tweeting about this contest and linking back to this post, blogging about it while including a link to this post, and posting on Facebook with a link. The cntest will end on August 13th. Thanks and good luck.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of Jumpstart Get Moving: Family Fitness at no cost by Knowledge Adventure in order to test the products' abilities and give my own personal opinions on it. The opinions I have given are my own and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the free product provided.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

He's here!

I have been without Internet at home for two weeks. I wanted to get a post written about the labor and delivery of little Joshua David while I was here in the hospital but that just didn't seem to pan out. We are being discharged in a few minutes so I only have time to post a few details and pictures. I will be writing a much more detailed report soon. Just know we are all doing well and are looking forward to getting back home today.
Joshua David
7pounds 9ounces
20 inches long
Natural Delivery (not on purpose, but sooooo worth it!)
Joshua is nursing great and he is a super sleeper (so far!)

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