Friday, October 29, 2010

New pic of Mommy and Daddy

It seems like it's been forever since Dom and I have had to get all dressed up. I insisted we take advantage of it and get a picture of us before the moment past or I got spit up on or juice spilled on me! We were going to a fundraiser dinner for Mena's Polish Dance school.

Rolling Machine

Joshua is rolling front to back and back to front! He is "advanced" in my opinion. Just kidding! He turns four months old today. What a big boy. Here are a few recent pictures...he is so smiley.

Happy birthday to you Mena!

My little baby girl is a big four years old now! I can't believe it. She has grown so much this year. I am seeing more and more of her personality shine through. She loves to sing and dance, she makes up the best stories and says the most hillarious things! She is great. Here are a few pictures from her birthday which we celebrated as a family. She was insisting on a Dora cake for the past year. I think our little family will be eating it until her next birthday! Way too much for 3 people to eat!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

So sweet and innocent

DSC_8239 - Copy
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and another...

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3 Months old

DSC_8196 - Copy
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A friend of mine from Christ the King took pictures of the little ones while the older sibs were at Atrium this week. She needed models for her adorable hats she makes and we were more than happy to loan her our babies! Joshua was so smiley! I love this shot that she caught of him. I will post a few more too.

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