Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ten things that make me happy...

I saw this on a friends blog today and thought I would follow in her footsteps.  Sometimes we all need to reflect on our lives and see all the good things that the Lord has given us. 

Ten things that make me happy right now...

1.  Not having anywhere to go or anything to do today! 
2.  I am thrilled that I found out why I have been getting my horrible headaches.  I just felt one coming on and was able to prevent it.  Hooray!
3.  I am so ecstatic that there is a little baby bouncing around in my belly.  God is so good!
4.  I just found out that Dom and I don't have to do something for work next weekend and are now able to go away for a little babymoon!  I can't wait.
5.  I am hopeful but still praying intensely for the Senete race in MA right now.  If Brown can pull this off I would be so happy.  No words could express how happy. 
6.  I am excited to make Chili tonight for dinner.  I love Chili lately.
7.  I am looking forward to spending my giftcard to Target to buy Maternity Clothes, see number one as to why I'm not there right now.
8.  I am happy to get rid of some of my stuff to Purple Heart.  I hope some people can use and old Bridesmaid dress, a scale, and a silverware sorter!
9.  I am happy, (deep down I am), that Dom is able to go to the March For Life with 30 of his students.  I will miss him for 4 whole days ad nights but boy do I know how important this March is.
10.  I am happy to be able to go home in March for business but mostly to see my awesome family.  I miss them tons!

New Snack Drawer

I have been loosing my mind geting up every five minutes to get Mena something that she wants from the kitchen.  I finally decided to make something that I had had in mind for ages, Mena's very own snack drawer.  We don't have a huge kitchen, so this was the best I could think of at the moment.  Mena loves it.  Since we are doing Montessori in the home this fits right in.  Mena now gets her own snacks when she needs them and so far has done very well with it.  I knew she would.  She loves the independance and is so good about coming to show me what she gets every time or when she just wants me to open something.  Either way,  I have not had to worry about her sneaking snacks all day long.  Hooray for independance!!!!!!! 


Lately Mena's drawing has really improved.  I am now able to make out waht she is drawing and she has a story for every picture she draws.  I love this time so much.  I love all things artsy and maybe, just maybe, I helped foster this love of art in her! 

This picture she drew for me last Monday.  It is of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in the stable.  This was the first time she drew mouths on people and notice that she drew the m shape because that is how she see's the top lip!  Too cute.

This she drew on Thursday at Atrium.  She colored the temple and drew the Presentation.  Wow!  Look at the way she drew the people, I am so impressed!  The faces have improved from Monday even. 
Great job Mena!  I m so excited to see what else you have inside you!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Pretend play: Going to Church

I was relaxing while Mena was playing.  I could hear her saying,  "I'm getting ready for Church...I'm gonna be so pretty."  She was carrying around her dress so I naturally thought she was changing into it.  Little did I know that that would come a little later. 
Next thing I know, she comes out with my lipstick all over her lips.  I guess she associates makeup with getting ready for Church.  Am I to assume she thinks I only wear makeup on Sunday?   So funny!  Here are some pictures...

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