Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ten things that make me happy...

I saw this on a friends blog today and thought I would follow in her footsteps.  Sometimes we all need to reflect on our lives and see all the good things that the Lord has given us. 

Ten things that make me happy right now...

1.  Not having anywhere to go or anything to do today! 
2.  I am thrilled that I found out why I have been getting my horrible headaches.  I just felt one coming on and was able to prevent it.  Hooray!
3.  I am so ecstatic that there is a little baby bouncing around in my belly.  God is so good!
4.  I just found out that Dom and I don't have to do something for work next weekend and are now able to go away for a little babymoon!  I can't wait.
5.  I am hopeful but still praying intensely for the Senete race in MA right now.  If Brown can pull this off I would be so happy.  No words could express how happy. 
6.  I am excited to make Chili tonight for dinner.  I love Chili lately.
7.  I am looking forward to spending my giftcard to Target to buy Maternity Clothes, see number one as to why I'm not there right now.
8.  I am happy to get rid of some of my stuff to Purple Heart.  I hope some people can use and old Bridesmaid dress, a scale, and a silverware sorter!
9.  I am happy, (deep down I am), that Dom is able to go to the March For Life with 30 of his students.  I will miss him for 4 whole days ad nights but boy do I know how important this March is.
10.  I am happy to be able to go home in March for business but mostly to see my awesome family.  I miss them tons!

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