Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Lately Mena's drawing has really improved.  I am now able to make out waht she is drawing and she has a story for every picture she draws.  I love this time so much.  I love all things artsy and maybe, just maybe, I helped foster this love of art in her! 

This picture she drew for me last Monday.  It is of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in the stable.  This was the first time she drew mouths on people and notice that she drew the m shape because that is how she see's the top lip!  Too cute.

This she drew on Thursday at Atrium.  She colored the temple and drew the Presentation.  Wow!  Look at the way she drew the people, I am so impressed!  The faces have improved from Monday even. 
Great job Mena!  I m so excited to see what else you have inside you!

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