Sunday, November 29, 2009

Don't play with your food!!!

I told Mena to eat her food and I left the room for a minute.  I came back to this.  Hillarious.  She pulled her sandwich apart, lined up her pears behind it, and put one kernal of corn in front.  My little Picasso! 

Moments like these...

What a precious moment.  This is Dominic with his Busia, showing her an ultrasound picture of our unborn baby!  So beautiful.

State Champs!!!!!

We went to Detroit yesterday for the Michigaan high school state championship football game.  It was played at Ford Field where the Lions play and Catholic Central won!  We had so much fun eating out before hand at Cheli's Chili and then walking through downtown to the stadium.  It was such a fun date!  The game was awesome.  CC was undefeated all season and so was there opponant, Sterling Heights Stevenson.  Here are some pictures...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for so much today...a wonderful husband, a darling daughter, a bouncing babe on the way, a fantastic family and family of in-laws, but most of all, I am thankful for my faith.  What an amazing blessing it is to be able to worship my Lord and go to Church everyday if I so choose!  Thanks God for this awesome gift.  There is so much else I have to be thankful for but I can't write it all now.  I am in the middle of cooking the little smokies and corn for the family get together.  It should be wonderful to see everyone and the talent show tonight will definitly be a highlight. 
I wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  Enjoy your fam, food, football, and fun! 

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Friends Philomena and Brennan watching tv together.  It was an exhausting playdate for these two.  Just kidding...they were up dancing and busting a move in no time!!!

Wordless Wednesday!


Our Backyard Campfire

Here are a few pictures of our little family having a campfire in our own backyard. 

Friday, November 6, 2009

Trick or Treating at Dzia Dzia's house


Montessori Mena

Here are a few of the activities I did with Mena today.  We have gotten away from our everyday schooling in the basement but I am trying to get back into it.  We have been extremely busy lately and I have let that be an excuse to not teach.  I am now realizing this and hope to remedy it!  She loved these new activities because she is so interested in her letters right now.

Here is a shot of Mena doing her sandpaper letters.  I first ask her to find the "m" out of the four letters at the top, I do this with each of these letters.  She traces each letter with her finger and says the letter sound and then uses her sand tray to draw the letters.  I then introduced the letter tray which at the oment has all objects of colors that start with that sound.  I found a couple, then we walked around the room and found some together.  These activities are now on the shelf for her to choose from.  I plan to add obects for each of the letters but she was done with school for the day!

Here are two shots of Mena playing in her sensory bucket.  I noticed she wanted to play in the sand when she traced her letters so I immediatly created this sensory bucket for her to play in.  She loved it.  I filled it with beans, rice, and mini marshmallows.  I added some measuring cups and such for her to scoop and pour.  It worked out well. 

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