Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Camping in December

Dom took Mena camping in Ortonville, Michigan the other day.  They had a ball!  Mena went sledding for the first time and absolutly loved it, as you can see from the pictures here.  She spent some time with her CiaCia's (Dom's sisters) up on the top bunk, and had lots and lots of goodies. 
I had a wonderful time on my nice warm couch at home as this was all taking place.  I watched a chick flick and took a super long, much needed nap!  Fun times were had by all.  I am just so thankful for these adorable pictures so I don't have to totally feel like I missed out. 



Sharon said...

Camping in December=brave. LOL Did they have a heater or anything?
I love that last picture. Total framer-er.

So what chick flick did you watch? Sounds like a nice time to yourself.
Btw, would you be interested in a GNO down here?

Anonymous said...

That looks really fun, what a cool dad to bring her!

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