Saturday, April 24, 2010

31 weeks

I am 31 weeks along in my pregnancy today.  Wow, time sure flies when you have a preschooler to chase after and a homebased business to run.  I am so excited to meet baby Joshua!  I am hoping the Dr. will induce me a little bit early as he is still big.  I am now measuring three weeks ahead rather than four but that still can mean he is bigger.  The dr. will be doing an ultrasound in a month so we shall get a better idea then.  In the mean time, I am hanging in there.  I have a new diet since being diagnosed with gestational diabetes and I have been doing really good with it, surprisingly.  I actually lost three pounds in a week and they want me to eat even more.  This must be a great diet if you are really trying to loose weight normally, not while your pregnant.  Joshua is super active and I love feeling him move like crazy!  Mena is getting more and more possesive of him and I hope she will let Daddy help when he is born because she won't let him touch my belly at all right now.  Well, that's just a quick update.  Hope all is well with you guys!


Anonymous said...

What's the diet like? Are there lots of things you 'can't eat?

Sharon said...

The 2nd pregnancy always goes by quicker, doesn't it?
Do you feel ready?

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