Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Drama Queen

I am inspired to write this post based on a Facebook status I saw today from a friend.
Don't let the picture on the top of my blog fool you, my three and a half year old is a drama queen and so disobedient. I have just about had it! I thought I was all alone until I read her status about how three and a half year olds are her least favorite age because they are full of drama and so disrespectful. I thought to myself, "What! Someone else feels this way too." Just this morning I asked Mena to move over while folding laundry on my bed just a inch or so. This shocked her that I would even think of having her move. She proceeded to try and bargain with me and I warned her more than once that there will be consequences to her actions. She proceeded to throw laundry off the bed and have a mild dramatic tantrum, so I spanked her (not hard at all). She ran off yelling, "How could you do this to me!" and I even heard some "Don't you love me anymore?" I mean, where in the world do children learn this stuff.
The disrespect that comes out of her mouth is driving me up a wall. I told her there are going to be some changes around here...we'll see if she cooperates!!! I doubt it will be very easy.
Do any of my readers feel the same way? Am I alone in this?


Sharon said...

Three is a rough age for kids, so transitional. Their minds don't always grow as fast as their bodies, and vice versa. Aidan was most difficult from 2.5-3.5, and I thought it was because I was pregnant. Then on the mom board I was on, SO many moms shared that 3 was rough for their kids, too. It's just three.

Hang in there! Remember, this too shall pass.

Which FB friend was it?

Occupation: Home Manager said...

Thanks for posting. Gavin is the exact same age as Mena and we are seeing some of this emerging. He'll fling his arm out as if to hit when he's being obstinate, but he's not close me, so he's not really hitting. We nip it in the bud right away b/c a simple arm fling can turn into much more disrespect over time.

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