Sunday, June 21, 2009

WOW! What A Weekend!

Friday morning we left for Lansing, Mi (an hour and a half away) for a Catholic homeschooling conference that we were vendors for. It was such a wonderful weekend trip. We dropped off Philomena at my husbands parents house and they watched her overnight. It was great! This was our first night alone since she was born. So needed! She did great, and went to bed wonderfully for naps and night. I wonder what their trick was! She got to go with her Cia Cia (aunt in polish) to pick out two bunnies from the pet store for Dzia Dzia (Grandpa in polish) as a Fathers Day present. She thought that was great and she tells me stories about the bunnies all the time now. Anyway, the conference was wonderful. It was awesome seeing all these amazing parents raising 3, 5,7,10 kids and homeschooling! They were all so well behaved and loved the faith. Before going, I had been nervous about starting to home school Mena because I don't feel quite smart enough. This conference really helped me remember that you learn as you go and how many resources there really are. I am really looking forward to homeschooling and can't wait to start with Mena. I found the most fantastic Catholic Montessori method curriculum that I am going to use for Mena. I bought an awesome book from this table about how to make Montessori materials out of household items. I can't wait to start! I was thinking about forming a group of moms in the area who would like to get together and make Montessori materials with me. I think that would be so fun and very productive!!! The Catholic Montessori website is called Check it out if you have a chance. Very cool stuff and I can't speak highly enough about the creator, mother of ten, Franciscan University of Steubenville grad!!! That was just Friday and Saturday. Fathers Day will be a separate post.

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Anna Ray said...

I would love to have a montessori group with you! I do some montessori with my kids and love it!

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