Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Iowa Vacation

We are having so much fun in Iowa visiting my family and friends. We arrived on Friday evening and had a nice visit with my mom. My Dad wasn't home due to his work schedule. Saturday was jam packed full of fun. My husband did the Honor Guard for the Pilgram Virgin Statue that morning with my Dad. The FULL rosary was said and I am so proud of my Daddy for doing this. He is a roll model to us all. When they got back, Dom, I and Mena went to Palo Beach (man made) with my sister Ann, her husband Aaron, and their three darling kiddos. We played in the sand and got in the water a little but it was pretty cold. Fun times had by all. Then we went back to their house to celebrate their oldest turning three! I can't believe how darling Oren is. We ate pizza, wen't to a parade in a nearby town, had cake and icecream back at their house, then left again to go see the fireworks. It was great! The parade and fireworks were for the towns "Pickle Days" so at the end of the parade people handed out free pickles. Too funny!We were in the perfect place on the parade route. At the very end and there was no one in our immediate vicinity so the kids got all the candy for themselves! Worked out great. The kids were a little scard of the fireworks due to the volume of the BOOMS, but they eventually calmed down and loved the display. After fireworks, we came home and went to sleep. That was one full day! Sunday we went to 12 Mass sense we were all tired and wanted to sleep in. We saw Ann and Family at Mass at St. Pius and then had lunch with them back at the house. We babysat while they went shoping and then Played a game of Risk with my Dad, brother, and Dominic. I had to put Mena to bed so my mom took her place. It was so much fun and I think a rematchneeds to take place since I didn't get to play the full game and lost. Oh well!
Monday we wen't to Mass at the hospital and then ate there for lunch. It was a nice little meal. They even had French Silk Pie. UMMM!!! I LOVE ME SOME PIE! We came home and relaxed for a little while. That has been our week so far and we are having a blast. Stay tuned for more updates and I promise pics will be posted soon. We have our reunion this weekend and I can't wait for that. We are haveing a family softball tourney and there will be about 4 teams. Pray that I am not an embarrassment. I haven't played softball in forever!

What have you been up to lately?

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