Friday, July 17, 2009


I love rearranging furniture. It always makes me feel great and like I have a fresh new area to live in. Change can be very good! I found this awesome, beautiful, and awesomely priced child sized desk on craiglist and had to have it. I had been looking everywhere for one. God came through once again and this landed in my lap for $25! Anyway, It is perfect for little Mena to play her computer games on. She just loves is. I sit with her and control the mouse while she points to what she wants. It will take a little while for her little hands to get the concept and feeling down of mouse control! I don't mind. So, we brought this computer up from downstairs and moved Dom's chair over so he could have a little reading nook. Perfect place for him! The coffee table you see in the picture saw it's last day on Wednesday night. The top piece of glass shattered and completely freaked the heck out of me. Dom fell and could have seriously got hurt. Praise the Lord that he only ended up with one tiny poke in the palm of his hand. He was fine, Mena was fine (very scared ), and I was fine too (very shaken ). I will never doubt the power of our Guardian Angels for I know with out a doubt that they were watching out for my husband! So anyway, That table is gone and I don't miss it at all. I was almost wanting to get rid of it, I didn't think this is how it would leave us, but oh well!

Mena loves her new area and I am loving how it opens up the room! We may put some book shelves where the coffee table was but I haven't decided for sure yet. One thing is for sure though. I need more shelves somewhere. On to rearranging and cleaning out the basement. Hopefully we all come back up alive!


Anonymous said...

The computer is now in a better spot for Mena, which is great. God did come through, but don't forget who had to pick up the item.

P.S. Thanks for sharing my near death experience on the world wide web.
- Dom

Marie said...

LOL, Dom you crack me up. How did the table break, by you falling on it? I'm glad that no one got hurt.

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