Monday, March 29, 2010

Quick trip!

Well we just got back from a super quick trip to Iowa.  I am telling you it was quick because we arrived at 9pm on Friday night and left at noon on Sunday.  Over 16 hours in the car for that little visit!  It was so good to see everyone though.  Dom and I worked a Catholic Men's conference all day on Saturday as venders with our Lighthouse Catholic Media table.  We really enjoyed being there.  Dominic really liked the keynote speaker and so did my dad.  It was wonderful having my dad there at the conference so he could see us in action at our table.  Some of my friends from years ago were there so I was able to catch up with them too!  Then on Saturday night, we spent some time with my sister Ann and her family.  Everyone looked great!  The kids had so much fun together.  Mena can't stop talking about her cousins and has been making them pictures for the last hour!  Anyway, I got to see my little Godchild Egan.  He is such a smilely little fellow.  Oren, Alice, and Mena had a ball downstairs with Grandma and Grandpa while Ann and I caught up on chit chat.  Dom and Aaron were in the other room chatting away too!  Ann and I are both pregnant now so we got a little pic together withour bellies.  She is around 10 weeks and I am 27 weeks.  Fun times!  Then we left for home in the morning.  and got back to our humble abode around 10pm.  That made for one LONG weekend!

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Sharon said...

What fun pictures!! I love the 2nd from last, your nephew's expression. Too cute!

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