Monday, March 15, 2010

Ten things that make me happy...

Ten things that make me happy today...
1.  Dom has a three day work week!
2.  Mena is old enough to help me clean, and actually does a pretty good job.  Our bean jar we use for Lenten sacrifices really helps for motivation purposes!
3.  Our kickoff for Lighthouse this past weekend was successful and we have a lot of other promising leads.
4.  My sister is pregnant with baby number four!!!!!!  How exciting!  My parents are going to have 8 grandkids 4 and under in October. 
5.  We get to visit my family in two weeks.  I can't wait!
6.  Mena gets to attend a free class with her play group at a gym this Friday.
7.  Dom gets to help me in the nursery for Atrium this Thursday.  Fun times!
8.  I bought a new nursing bra and it should come in the mail this week.  This makes me very excited!
9.  I won a prize on a blog and that should arrive soon too!
10.  I finally got a good night sleep last night!!!!!!!!!!! 


marie said...

Correction: there will be 9 grandchildren total (1 grandbaby soul in Heaven!)

Dom said...

Hi Manda, this is a great list. I am glad I can be part of your happiness.

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