Monday, March 15, 2010

There are so many reasons I am against this healthcare bill, this being one of them.  The main one being the issue of abortion coverage.  They are now saying that it is better for us if they do cover abortions as it will save us tons of money.  How horrible is that...they are putting a pricetag on human life...and admitting that if they don't include abortion coverage more babies will be born and cost them more.  How sad!
Please pray that this bill does not pass in it's current form.


Anna Ray said...

Amanda, Jesse and I always suspected the govmint would resort to this in their backroom dealing...but admit to it outloud...I am surprised and angry. Could you please tell me where you read about their plan to save money with abortions so we can pass it along? Thanks!!

Domanda3 said...

Anna, you can find the info here...

Lucy said...

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