Friday, August 28, 2009

AHHHH! I am losing it!

This is the absolute hardest part about having a husband that is a teacher. My daughter and I get so used to having him around every day during the summer that when he goes back all hell breaks loose. Mena is a basket case! She won't let Dom look at her, talk to her, or touch her without literally screaming at him or telling him "no". She has been yelling and screaming for me whenever I ask him to help me with something pertaining to her, ie get her bathed, fed, in bed, take her to the potty. Anything. I am the only one she wants right now and she will let us and all the neighbors know it. I have never heard such a high pitched scream. I don't know what to do. I have tried talking to her and giving her spankens but nothing seems to work. She has said horrible things to her dad and it breaks my heart. I don't know if this is because he went back to work or this is an age thing or what, but I have just about had it. Where is my sweet little girl...I want her back. I think I am going to make Dom spend time with her with out me around everyday after work. Maybe that will help and she will feel like she has some special time with her daddy again. Ahhhhhh! Has anyone else been through this? Do you have any suggestions?


bidmaster said...

Hey Amanda! hang in there! Brian & I go through this everyday with lil' Dom. He always wants "Mommy" and screams for me then Brian goes by him or tries to play with him. Then it gets really bad, I will go for a walk or leave the house for a bit. I think your idea about forcing the Daddy/daughter is great! Have faith that it works. We will pray for you guys! God Bless!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it will carry over to here or not. When we have house guests (ie grandparents etc.) for a couple days then they leave all hell breaks out. Their leaving usually overlaps w/ Jamin's going back to work too. I've finally realized the problem is the kids get used to 4 adults attention split between 3 1/2 kids (1 sleeps a lot ;o). Then the next day they still expect 4 adults worth of attention out of just 1 mom. So I've started planning play days, trips to the zoo, anything to get them out of the house and their normal environment and around friends (1 on 1 attention) for a day or 2. Then when we stay home the 3rd day they've come down from their attention high.

Don't know if it'll work here. But it might spark a brain storm idea for you. I like the forced daddy dates too. :o)
Nicki H.

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