Monday, August 31, 2009


Dom and I have a healthy rivalry going on lately. We have been playing the game of Risk on the computer that is sitting in the Living Room. He leaves for work in the morning but not before taking his turn and there isn't a day that passes that I haven't taken my turn before he returns from work. Then we play together in the evening and continue the game that same way the following day if neither of us has won yet. We have really enjoyed this the past couple weeks but to tell you the truth the buzzing of the computer all day is kind of getting on my nerves!!! I will sacrifice my nerves for a victory any day!

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Sharon said...

Go Amanda!! Go Amanda!! Conquer the world! ;)

My family was big-time into RISK growing up. The old-school board game. Being ridiculously competitive, my brothers used to CAMP OUT next to the board, AFTER writing down how many men were on each country. They were crazy.

Enjoy it!

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