Thursday, August 6, 2009

I've about had it!

This is getting a bit crazy!!!!!!!!!!!I am sitting here next to my daughters bed trying to get her to sleep. You will never guess what time it is... 1:47 am! That's right folks. Like I said, CRAZY! We slept in this morning so I didn't let her take a nap this afternoon. She fell asleep around 7 and then woke up five times before 10:30 so I made the huge mistake of having her come sit on the couch with me because there was no way I wanted to put her down for yet another time only to go back in a few minutes later. Well, she stayed up. It's almost 2 and I am exhausted. I am getting so drained because Mena will only let me put her to bed, she insists that I feed her (which is also getting old and needs to be nipped in the bud!), and she pretty much is a mommas girl all day long. I need a break!!!!!!!!!! Dom is starting back to work in just a few weeks now and I am so disappointed that we didn't work on this stuff will I had him this summer. He needs to be able to put her to bed sometimes! She also needs a better schedule. This school year will bring some much needed changes. For now, just pray that I get through the night (while dad snores in the other room!!!)


Sharon said...

Oh boy.
Blame it on the moon last night. Apparently many people did.

Did you see my Twitter updates last night?! We were experiencing some of the same torture, I'm afraid.

What time did you finally get to go to sleep?
Sorry. I wish I could relieve you for a bit.

Today is a new day. I say start the training today!

Andrea said...

Oh, I feel so bad for you. I hate nights like this. Both my son and daughter have gone through stages like this and my daughter will pretty much only let me put her to bed STILL. Not going to be good once baby arrives. I'm not sure how you guys do sleep routines or anything. Amelia just turned 2 and we have two books we read (they are different but I know which ones make her crazy fun and which ones are clam) we read and then night out and we rock. Late naps stink - they ruin everything. My son is four and he gets two books, prayers and then we lay with him which is getting REALLY old, but he freaks out. We're working on it. I'll say some prayers for you, bedtimes can be so hard.

When did you finally get to sleep?

PS. Do you read Dr. Sears he has some really good suggestions and I have that No Cry Nap Solution books, they have some okay tips!

Andrea said...

Oh one more thing - I want to thank you again for the Matthew Kelly book. My family is becoming addicted to his books, I'm reading The Rhythm of Life right now and it's fantastic. Thank you, tahnk you!

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