Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Day of School Photo Shoot

Here are some pictures of Mena before her first day of Atrium at Christ the King, in Ann Arbor.  She was so excited!  So excited in fact that she couldn't eat much for breakfast and she barely slept last night.  Poor thing.  Anyway,  I was anxious to see how the drop off would be since she has never been without me for something like this.  No daycare in her past or classes that I wasn't right in the room for.  Well, there were tears.  She was not to enthused about me leaving her at the door with strangers, although I knew most of the familys.  I finally convinced her that she would be okay and handed her over to the room mom to take her into the class.  There was screaming for a minute or so and then all was quiet.  They say she did wonderful!  I wish I could have seen her and been a fly on the wall to watch my little girl be all independant.  I can't believe it happening.  She is growing up.  My how time flies.  Sorry about the tangent, I was the nursery mom so I was just next door which made it a whole lot easier on me.  Most of the activities they did today were Montessori and stuff that we do already in our homeschool setting.  I think this made her a little more comfortable.  Soon they will get into more catechesis.  I love these pictures of her...sorry, another tangent!  After school we went to see her Aunt that works nearby and invited her to lunch.  She couldn't make it today so we went by our selves to McDonalds.  Just as we started eating, Mena spotted one of her classmates so they joined us for lunch.  So much fun for the kiddos and the mommies!  Although, my little kiddo was ready for nap.  She konked out as soon as we hit the road.  We are totally ready for next week.  Hopefully it will bring a smoother drop off because I don't know how many more of those I can handle!!!   


Anonymous said...

Next week will go much easier! She is so cute in her jeans and sweatshirt and smiling face! Mom

Sharon said...

Adorable!! Sorry she cried, but I'm sure next will be easier on BOTH of you. School starting can be so unnerving.

Are these pictures showing the Spiritus Sanctus building?

Clare said...

It must have been so hard to leave her! omg! she was probly so cute with the other kids, just watching them and being a big kid :) ~ Clare

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