Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Montessori Works

Here are some new Montessori activities we have out right now.  Mena is starting to like picking things out to do but still want's me around her.  I try to step back to observe and I am sure the day will come when she will be comfortable with that. 

 I found these leaves at Micheals for less than a dollar.  I made number cards and had Mena line them up accordingy.  We are starting with 1-5 and will add more later.  We used the three part lesson to learn the numbers.  She can not yet identify them so we are going to practice this even more.

Here is a silly picture of Mena practicing her nuts and bolts set from Melissa and Doug toys.  She was really enjoying turning it and seeing that if you turn it one way it goes on and the other way makes it come off! 

These are the Montessori Red Rods.  I am so excited about my purchase as I got them used and at a resonable price.  I tried showing Mena how to use them but she was only interested in building with them.  I kindly directed her toward her building blocks and again stated that that is not what these are for.  I decided today to take away half of the rods as this may have been a little to difficult to introduce all of them at once.  My thinking is that they may have overwhelmed her.  We will see how it goes with half and then I will add more later.  You can also do the same thing with the pink tower.


Anonymous said...

This is great! I love it all!

Marie said...

Amanda, does the Montessori method teach kids to use the toy or activity for only one function? I noticed how you didn't want her to build with the red rods because it wasn't what you were supposed to do with them. What do you do with them in this activity? I thought that we were supposed to let kids develop different (or multiple) uses of equipment to show tha tyou could do many things with one element.

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