Friday, September 25, 2009

Random thoughts...

Dom is home on a sick day today.  Poor thing.  He has a chest cold.  I am hoping he can get some much needed rest and good meals and then we can have a great weekend.  Maybe even start having fun this afternoon.  Mena has been sick with a cold for a week now.  Hopefully she is at the tail end of it.  She rarely gets sick but starting Atrium and being around other children more means more germs to ward off.  I geuss we didn't do a good job this time around! 

I really want to check out the YMCA and the closest one to us is about 15-20 minutes away.  Not too bad.  I heard they give lots of financial assistance for yearly memborship and the classes are free or resonably priced.  I would absolutly love to get Mena is swimming lessons and they offer those and so much more.  I might even like to take some art classes there as well.  I am hoping to check it out today or next week.

Mena has been off her nap schedule lately.  No naps for three days in a row.  I am loving her night time schedule though.  She is out by 7-7:30pm and is waking up at around 7am!  Awesome.  It almost makes the no nap worth it.  We'll see how this progresses. 

Well, I am on day four of Femara today.  Femara is a hormone to help with fertility.  I have been feeling very sore and extremely tired.  I have not been to moody which is great!  I have been exeriencing a few hot flashes but nothing I can't handle.  We have been trying for 27 months.  We are very hopeful that this new Dr. we are seeing has a plan which will hopefully result in a little baby Michalik in 9 months.  There are lots of tests and pills in the next few weeks.  I have a Sonohysteogram on Thursday which is an internal ultrasound where they put in a catheder and infuse saline into my uterine cavity.  They are looking to see if there are any abnormalities and if my fallopian tube is blocked or not.  This should give us some answers right away.  Then I have another ultrasound on Saturday to check for ovulation.  I may need another a few days later.  I have many blood draws coming up.  Hopefully all this poking and probing will result in a beautiful baby.  According to Philomena, a boy and a girl!  She is so ready to be a big sister! 

Hope you all in enjoy your weekend!  I am hoping for a little relaxation. 

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Bethany said...

Hope you have a good weekend and that Dom feels better. There are lots of kids at school w/ colds and fevers, praying I don't get it!

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