Monday, October 5, 2009

Disney on Ice

Many thanks to my dear friend Sharon who won free tickets to Disney on Ice that she couldn't use.  We were more than happy to help her with her predicament!  Dom, Myself, Mena, and her Cia Cia Clare got to go see the show in Auburn Hills.  It was wonderful!  We had so much fun!  Here are a few pictures...

Mena wouldn't sit in my lap except for that one picture.  I was a little sad, had to remind myself that this is typical preschooler behavior.  She wants nothing to do with me when other options are available.  Especially someone as cool as her Godmother!
The show was fantastic and had skating skits from many different Disney movies.  My favorite were the toy soldiers from Toy Story and the whole It's a Small World skate.  Very well done and I would defintily take her again someday.  Thanks so much Sharon!

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