Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Is it Friday Yet?

I am so anxious for Friday.  This Friday I get to find out if all the tests and such from this month have been fruitful.  That's right, I will find out if I am pregnant in just a few short days from now.  I really hope I am.  I don't really feel any different which makes it so hard.  I was hoping for a few more signs so I could convince myself either way.  The waiting period is so difficult for me.  I always seem to get my hopes up and then get let down.  This month could be different though.  This month we had it down to a science!  Oh, I pray that this is the month that God will bless us with a baby, maybe two! 

Also on Friday, hubby and I are going to Illinois for a Lighthouse Catholic Media conference.  JUST THE TWO OF US!  I am really looking forward to this mini vacation.  The car ride alone is so much fun for Dom and I (5 and a half hour trip).  I am really looking forward to a phone call during the drive from my Drs. office, regarding my pregnancy blood test results that I will do before we leave.  The conference should be great.  Mena will have so much fun with her Cia Cia.  The one who is getting married next Friday!  Did I mention I love Fridays!!!!!!!  Please hurry up and get here. 

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Melissa said...

I'll pray for you guys this week. The waiting! The waiting! The waiting! That's the worst! I'm very impatient when it comes to those things too.

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