Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat?

Mena and I went to her playgroups Halloween party yeterday and had a ball.  There were close to 50 people there but was very well organized and not the least bit out of control.  I loved it!  They had games and crafts for the children and even a small dance floor.  Perfect for those times when they needed to let off some energy.  We had two special visitors, Elmo and Mickey Mouse.  Most of the kids loved them but my Mena was a tad scared.  She loved them from a distance.  Although here a few days later she is still telling me that she didn't like the big Elmo, she only likes little Elmos!  We had a costume parade and got candy along the way.  There was great food and drink.  Each child got to leave with a pumpkin of there choice which Mena was excited about.

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