Friday, October 9, 2009

Jumpstart Pet Rescue for Wii (Review)

I was so excited to try out the new Jumpstart Pet Rescue for the Wii.  Although I don't actually own a Wii, I have always wanted to play one.  What better way to convince my husband that we need one, than to show him how much our daughter could learn!  Just kidding!  I am thrilled that Jumpstart created this game for young children, ages three to six, because there is such a lack of educational games out there for this age group. 

On with the review...
We went to a friends house to try out Jumpstart Pet Rescue.  My daughter who is almost three, wasn't very interested in actually holding the controls.  The first thing that caught her attention was when the pets popped up on the screen.  They show up when scenes are loading and Mena got a kick out of seeing the various animal friends.  There are many similarities between this game and the online Jumpstart games.  She was able to pick her charactor by changing clothes and features.  She absolutly loves doing this on the online game and was thrilled to be able to do it again.  Same thing with decorating her own house.  She went right up to the tv screen and pointed out what she wanted. Then we ventured around a little.  I noticed it was hard to keep her focused on the game since we were at a new friends house but the thing that got both the kids excited was the Movie House!  They have many different music videos and you should have seen the kids busting moves to Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes!  This could have captivated them for a long time but I decided to keep looking around.  There is so much to do and see.  We went to the school house and played some learning games.  There were alphabet games and counting games in this particular house.  Perfect for what I am working on with Mena right now. 

We had explored all there was in this area of the game and thought we were done.  I was a little bummed.  Then I saw the map on the bottom left hand corner.  I clicked on it and so many more options of where to go opened up for us.  We explored these worlds too.  I can't believe all of things for the kids to do in this game.  I am so happy to have a learning game for Mena that is fun too.  That is always what we look for as parents of young children.  The music was great!  The activities were great!  I would recommend this game to anyone with young children.  I did find that Mena (almost three) was a little young for this.  You have to take into consideration that she has never played a video game before though! 

Here is a picture of her dancing to one of the music videos on the game.  She really loved that part!  My daughter is a DANCING QUEEN!  I think any preschooler would love the music in this game.

See what Jumpstart has to say about this great game for preschoolers!  The ESRB has rated Jumpstart Pet Rescue "Early Childhood."  Be sure to check it out in a store near you.  For a list of carriers, go to the above website.


Sharon said...

The Wii and Jumpstart seems like a good combo!
I'm sure Mena had fun. :) Nice house. Whose is it?

Domanda3 said...

I wish I had a house like that! It's a new friend from my mom's group's house. She has an adorable litte boy.

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