Saturday, May 9, 2009

Home Studio Scrabble Tile Pendant

Here is a picture from the website of the tile I choose. It's beautiful!
I just received my Scrabble Tile Pendant handmade by Home Studio. It is absolutely beautiful. There is no excess glue around the edges and it has been sanded to perfection. I also LOVE the design I picked! They have so many beautiful choices to pick from which made it fun to choose one that would go with that perfect outfit! They shipped my tile pendant very quickly and also included a chain to put the pendant on. It is beautiful as well. Thank you so much Home Studio! If you are interested in the beautiful products from Home Studio you can check out their website at I hope you enjoy yours as much as I love mine!
I would include a picture but my camera broke a couple of weeks ago and I am waiting for my new one.
BTW: The prices are great too!!!

1 comment:

Sharon said...

LOVE it! Very nice. :)
The necklace I won is a Bingo tile. Clever people out there!

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