Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Potty Training

Well, Here we go! I am starting to potty train my little girl today. She has shown me many signs of being ready but still HATES the idea of actually sitting on the potty. I am trying to take her every 20 minutes but she doesn't always want to sit. I was able to get her to sit this morning when she woke up for about 5 minutes. No luck. Literally one minute after she got up she pee'd on my couch! Oh well. I put her in undies and that is that! I think after I get the hang of when she is going I can then plan more accurately when to take her potty. She seems to go every hour, at least so far. Not once in the potty yet but hopefully before the day is done. I am giving her a fruit snack each time she tries because at this point, it's not about going, just TRYING! Any good suggestions? I have potty trained a ton of toddlers when I was a daycare teacher but Mena is a different story for some reason. I am remembering how important the positive peer pressure is of watching other kiddos going potty for the one learning! I wish she had someone to watch. Anyone want to come and play?

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