Friday, May 22, 2009

I am loosing my mind!

Wow! All the sudden this hormone (Clomid) is really affecting my mood. I am up, down, up, and right back down again! All these little things that wouldn't normally bother me are having a huge effect on me. Ahhh! One of these things is that I don't know the password to my gmail account and I never did. Hubby set it up for me and doesn't know the password or the security ?'s answer. I can log in all the time though because my computer remembers the password for me. It really becomes a problem when I am away from my computer and can't check my mail. Also, today when I tried to change to Firefox to resolve some weird problem my computer is having in regards to the Blogosphere, I could no longer log in to my email or my blog. SCARY! I fixed that problem by removing Firefox but now can't read other blogs because of this weird issue! I decided to make a new gmail account just in case I can no longer log into mine for some strange reason. Why am I making this so difficult? Anyway, on a good note, Dom and I have another date night tonight, second one in a row! Fun stuff! Also, we signed up for Netflix and so far think it's pretty cool. We don't have cable so this is a good way to watch movies and tv series for cheap! Pray that I make it through this day without hurting anyone!!! God bless,

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Sharon said...

Netflix!! Nice. We were using Blockbuster online but canceled it.
For now it's Redbox, but we're thinking of trying Netflix.
What are you planning to watch?

Btw, I did watch The Secret Life of Bees. LOVED it!

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