Monday, April 20, 2009

First of Many

I am back from my weekend trip to Franciscan University of Steubenville. It was wonderful to be back on campus. There are so many new buildings and changes but is still the same Steubie U! I am going to have to post a few different times about this trip because there were so many different aspects to it. We went for my household sister Rosemary's wedding at Holy Family Church in Steubenville. We also walked around campus Saturday morning and went to the bookstore. We had car trouble which is another post entirely! We reconnected with old friends! It was a great time and totaly worth the car headache!

Here are some pictures of campus. I have a ton to post but I don't know how to make a slideshow. I will try to figure that out when I have more time. For now enjoy these!
This is a picture of Finnigan Fieldhouse with dorms in the background. The JC is on the righthand side of the picture. The inside is awesome. I will show those pictures later.
This is the new face of the JC Williams Center taken from the Circle. Inside is gorgeous!
This is a shot from outside the JC Williams Center looking to the left. You can see the newly remodeled St. Thomas More Hall on the right side. Kolbe/Clare Hall is in the middle and the brand new Loius and Elizabeth Hall is on the Left hand side of the picture. They have an awesome courtyard with tables and chairs and even grills for hanging out. This is where the Tennis courts used to be.

This is the new Louis and Elizabeth Dorm. Very nice and definitly needed!
This is the friary that is being built up on the hill by the Steel Cross. The Friars are in desparate need of a new friairy!I will post more pictures in my next post.

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Bethany said...

Hehe, it's so funny to see these pictures! I was just in Steub, but haven't been on campus for months now. :) Hope you enjoyed your visit there!

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