Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I know I look fat in this picture. No need to tell me to start Weight Watchers, I already have. The dress is really cute though. My mother in law saw it at Target and thought that it was totally me, so she bought it for me. I love it! It fits me perfectly. She did a great job knowing her daughter in law. Thanks Mom!

Mena wanted me to pick her up.


Mel Fraase said...

I think you look great! AND it really is a cute dress!

edith said...

You look very cute in that dress! And don't worry about all the other things. You are the way you are. :)

Kate said...

You are as beautiful as ever, Amanda, and don't you dare forget it!

I'm with ya with the WW, good luck and let me know how it's going! Adorable dress, makes me want to go shopping... but first, the goal weight :)

Sharon said...

Very cute dress! How thoughtful of her. :)

And I think you are seeing yourself much worse than the way you are. You look beautiful!

Rob said...

You look great and the dress is cute also.

Marie said...

I love the dress also! :)

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