Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mena Eats

Mena finally ate what Dad and I were eating today. This is huge! It took so much work to get her to eat the meatloaf muffins that I almost gave in several times. Perseverance prevails! Mena wouldn't eat with us at the table so I let her go but told her that if she got hungry later she would have to try the Meatloaf Muffins I had made. I made her look at me and agree! She then played for about an hour. When she got hungry she immediately asked for apple sauce and yogurt, her two staples. I told her about the meatloaf and she proceeded to throw about a 30 min. fit! It was rough. Eventually I got her to take a bite and she loved it! I knew she would. I usually say take a dinosaur bite instead of a little bite so Mena took that to mean that we need to name every bite! Dora bite, Diego Bite, Boots bite, Computer bite, stroller bite...the list goes on and on. It was too funny! At least she ate for me and it was all worth it. Hopefully she will eat meatloaf muffins now. She is the pickiest child I know!


Sharon said...

Yay for progress! And personally, I love meatloaf muffins!!
But not as much as the leftover Easter candy I am hijacking right now. ;)

Marie said...

Don't worry, Manda, she is just at that age and will grow out of it soon. Keep it up!

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