Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Lost - tv show
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Any LOST fan's out there? My husband an I love this show and can't wait for tonight!

Update: Lost was crazy! I can't wait for next week!!!


Crystal said...

oh yeah! my dh and I love the show too. I will probably watch it tonight but if not I am using the DVR so dh can watch it this weekend (along with the last two weeks and Heroes last 2 shows). Sometimes I almost like watching it better the next day when I can fast forward through the many, many commercials.

oh and thank you for commenting on my blog!

Sharon said...

We watched every season but NONE of this season yet.
We moved, lost our dvr for 2 weeks, ad got behind. Plus Pat had class on Wednesdays. We decided we'll rent the entire season as soon as it comes out on dvd and watch it (hopefully over the summer).

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