Monday, April 20, 2009


Philomena and Bella after Mass at CTK chapel
Mena loved to give her hugs, Bella doesn't look so sure about it though!

Philomena and Bella

Kate and I after Mass at CTK Chapel

Rosemary and I at the reception. Isn't she a beautiful bride?!


Sharon said...

Beautiful pictures!!
How sweet to see the little friends-in-the-making, too. :)

Lynette3boys said...

Love the piggy tails!

Kate said...

Our girls are the cutest! I love the bewildered expression on Bella's face - as much as she smiles and chats, she always looks so clueless in pictures! Too funny, she was asking about Mena on Monday - she must be wondering why we can't bring her home with us!

Great pics from the wedding and campus. It was SO GOOD to see yall and hang out! Much Love! and hugs from Bella to Mena.

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